Instructions on how to read e-books online effectively

Online e-books are a new reading trend among young people. Many people read books online, but not everyone knows how to read effectively
Online e-books are the trend of the new era, for active young people, reading online books online is a great choice. It is a collection of knowledge, the knowledge that has been accumulated for a long time by all mankind. This knowledge comes to readers through modern handheld digital devices such as ebooks, smartphones or laptops. So how to read books online in the most effective way?

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1.Determine the purpose of reading

The first thing to do when choosing a book to read is that you need to clearly define what you read the book for, your purpose of reading that book. When reading online e-books with a lot of young people reading, they just don’t know what the purpose of reading that book is, so the knowledge you get is usually not high.

Instructions on how to read e-books online effectively
An effective guide to reading books online
The purpose of reading a book also determines the direction of exploitation, development, and problem-solving in the same book. For example, when reading Nguyen Du’s Tale of Kieu, if you have a friend who loves poetry, you will find ways to express things and phenomena in poetry and good hexagonal verses; Have you learn about the life of Kieu and the plot; have friends over there to understand cultural life, customs, practices, feudal rites; Some of you are looking to criticize the prejudices and laws that oppress women… Therefore, clearly defining the purpose of reading is the first important thing for each of us when holding a book. book in hand.

2.Find out the address, origin, main content of the book

Instructions on how to read e-books online effectively
An effective guide to reading books online
Read the first two pages of the book for the title, author, publisher, year, and edition. Read the introduction or preface to know what the book is about, to whom it is directed. The foreword at the beginning of the book or the summary of the content is the most important content of a book. There you can fully grasp the content that the book talks about, the issues that the author wants to convey to the readers.

3.Know what knowledge requirements need to be met in the book

If you only need a narrow knowledge of a subject, you can skim the book quickly, going through the chapter titles, the introduction and the conclusion of each chapter is enough. But that way you only grasp the top, but you don’t know where to get that top. Thus, it is considered that you are only rote learning without any knowledge in your head.

Instructions on how to read e-books online effectively
An effective guide to reading books online
If you need a moderate level of information, you can read each chapter’s introduction and conclusion more closely. You need to read through the contents of the chapters, choosing key words and important points. At this level it is also important to pay attention to graphs and charts. If you need specific knowledge of a certain area, it is best to read the content more closely by reading the entire book to get a general overview of the layout, noting the necessary details. .

4.Read Actively

When reading an e-book online, people will be easily distracted by the habits of things happening next to them. Forget everything and focus on your own business. That is reading the book. When you read the book in detail. It helps if you highlight, underline, and annotate the places that need attention. It will help emphasize essential information in your head, making it easier to revisit important points later.

It helps you focus more on the content. Of course, you can do it yourself if it’s your book. In the case of borrowed books, if you find that there is valuable necessary information, you can make a photocopy, then read and mark on that copy. If you’re worried that doing so will contaminate the book, reconsider whether the book is worth your time reading. If the benefits of such active reading are (relatively) greater than the value of the book, then the cost of the book can be said to have been offset.

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5.Read really and go deep

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge and achieve the purpose of reading, it is necessary to study the book deeply. Turn the pages of the book and read it. Note that during reading, you should use a ruler and a colored marker to underline interesting and interesting sentences and passages. You don’t just read it once, but sometimes you have to read it many times to achieve the goal. Reading for the first time only helps you to have a directional basis for later readings. You need to remember that: after the first reading, you should write down the things you don’t understand or are not clear (what line, which page?) to read again in the second, third, fourth, etc. Each time you read Like that, you will surely discover more interesting things from the book. Just like that until you understand the book, complete the reading purpose, then the reading will stop.

Online e-books are a part of the development of the information technology industry. The more society develops, the more people’s intellectual level must be improved. Traditional books and newspapers will be difficult to share knowledge and civilization for the great needs of society. So reading e-books online will be a good tool for our young people to approach the civilization of the whole world.

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Wish you have moments of comfortable and happy reading.

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